The WELL Building Standard: Learn More About These Condominiums

The WELL Building Standard: Learn More About These Condominiums

While LEED certification is granted to houses and buildings that follow certain environmental guidelines, the WELL Building Standard focuses on the health and wellness of the human occupants.


It mostly applies to condo buildings, which must meet residents’ needs in terms of both physical and mental health, and even exceed expectations. The standard is based on a long list of criteria, so much so that this certification is rarely given in Quebec, but an increasing number of real estate developers are showing interest. Here are some of its main benchmarks.

1— Bright Common Areas and Units

We know that luminosity levels can impact people’s psychological well-being. Indeed, seasonal affective disorder strikes most in the fall, when sunny days become increasingly scarce. A WELL building provides residents with large windows so that natural light can penetrate widely into units or common areas.

2— Improved Thermal Comfort

Heating and cooling of the best quality are the defining characteristics of a WELL building. The humidity levels should always be optimal and the temperature should remain stable as well as correspond to the season. To achieve this, high-end, efficient ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems are installed.

3— High-Quality Water

There must be easily accessible water fountains in all common areas for the residents. The water must be of the highest quality. The way in which it is filtered and treated greatly affects its quality, so the building’s design includes a system adapted to this purpose. Water quality tests must be carried out every few months to detect any problems.

4— Close to Services

To make life easier for homeowners and thus increase their quality of life, a WELL building must be located within walking distance of all essential services such as a pharmacy, grocery store, dental and medical clinic, etc.

Occasionally, the building might organize a special health day on which a clinic might offer certain services on-site so that residents can receive care or vaccines in the comfort of their home.

 5— Low-Stress Ambiance

The decor is not an afterthought in this type of construction. The desired overall interior design should be modern and geared towards increasing wellness. The vegetation must be lush as greenery is thought to reduce stress. Bonus points if a building has a meditation room or napping zones in its common areas.

6— Exceptional Air Quality

Poor air quality is viewed by some experts as the primary cause of many people’s fatigue and headaches. To protect the health of condo residents, WELL certification provides for superior air quality.

For example, smoking may be prohibited inside units and within 25 metres of the building’s perimeter. It must also have a state-of-the-art air purification system. Furthermore, radon level must be very low.

7— Physical Activity Facilities

Condo or apartment buildings should provide residents with shared sports and recreation areas. This could be a room with weight training equipment, a yoga studio, an indoor pool with an exercise system, etc. Some buildings are even adding a shared office space for telework with stationary bicycles instead of chairs.

Moreover, the building must be located in an area where it is easy to walk to one’s destination. For example, close to a park or downtown.

8— WELL Building Standard Also Include Access to Healthy Food

WELL certified buildings foster a strong sense of community. Everyone’s health is taken into account. There might be information pamphlets on healthy eating or nutrition services available in common areas. Vending machines might be filled with healthy and organic foods. Everything is geared towards increasing health and wellness!

WELL certification is granted to buildings that offer occupants a high standard of living. Are you looking for this type of condo building? Contact a RE/MAX broker: they will know where to find a unit that meets your needs.

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