Seller's guide

Seller's Guide to Preparing Your Property for Sale


Maximize Your Property's Appeal for a Quick and Profitable Sale

Preparing your real estate is key to attracting buyers and maximizing sale price. Here's a practical guide to enhance your chances.

  1. 01. Depersonalization

    Create a neutral space for buyers to envision themselves. Remove personal photos and distinctive items.

  2. 02. Decluttering

    Less is more. A tidy space looks bigger and more welcoming. Sort, organize, and simplify each room.

  3. 03. Minor Repairs

    Fix small flaws that could distract buyers or raise concerns.

  4. 04. Home Staging

    Highlight each area's potential. Good layout and tasteful decor can change your property's perception.

  5. 05. Brightness

    Enhance natural light. Open curtains, clean windows, and ensure proper lighting in every room.

  6. 06. Impeccable Cleanliness

    A spotless property is inviting. Thorough cleaning is essential before viewings.

  7. 07. Complete Documentation

    Have all necessary documents ready (property title, technical diagnostics, etc.) to reassure buyers and facilitate the transaction.

  8. 08. Concluding the Sale

    Ensure a smooth finalization, with clear contractual details and all obligations met.

Prepare Your Property for Sale With an Evaluation and Personalized Advice